A vibrant and much loved Community Festival in a culturally diverse area of Sheffield

The ninth (and penultimate) planning meeting for Sharrow Festival 2015 is on Monday 27th April 2015, 8-9.30 p.m. at the Old Junior School, Vincent Street / South View Road, Sharrow. All welcome.


Thanks to everyone who came to our last fundraiser: it was great!!!

ECLECTISM: Sat 11th April, Theatre Deli, The Moor - 7 p.m

A night to celebrate, innovate and collaborate

Platform for performers (dancers, singers, writers, artists, musicians) to help us fundraise for Sharrow Festival and Peace In The Park

The themes are:

Celebrating the wonderful arts scene in Sheffield

Anything out of the ordinary, creative or experimental


A chance to collaborate with other arts forms/disciplines


Mel Wong - Contemporary

Rachel Otuk -
Contemporary & Street/Bollywood Fusion

Nisha Lall - Contemporary Fusion

TATTVA Youth Group - Contemporary/Indian Fusion

ATD Collective - Indian Folk Dance, Bellydance

Rachel Rafierar - Persian Dance

Angelina Abel & Mulembas D'Africa - African Fusion

ASHAY Dance Troupe - Bellydance, Bollywood

Esref Ulas - Cuban Salsa

Lou Bryant - Bellydance

Hannah Ashton - Classical Singing

Jade Morris - Electronica Music

Aby Prettyman - Acoustic

Short and sweet multi-cultural dance sessions for the audience to have a go at! Led by Nisha Lall

** STALLS **
Great selection of bits and bobs to browse
through and buy!

Aim To Dance (Indian / Bellydance / general dance outfits)
Irene Tormo - Health Products
Shelley - Designer Clothing Line

Tickets: £7:50 / £5:00 on the door...
Buy tickets online


£10 stall holders

6:30pm - Doors open
7:00pm - Show starts

The third fundraiser for Sharrow Festival 2015 will be:

Saturday March 14th 2015 at Hagglers Corner, 586 Queens Road, Sheffield: - £5 adv/otd.


Dance Class
3.00 - 5.00 Mamawe African Dance Class with Sens Sanga & Angelina Abel

Mask-Making Workshop
7.30 onwards with Jess (Common Thread), Lorena and Ernesto

8.30 - 9.15 DJ Papa Al

9.15 - 9.45 Son De America Dancers

9.45 - 10.15 Papa Al DJ

10.15 - 10.45 K.O.G. DJ plus live percussion

10.45 - 11.15 Mango Rescue Team (live)

11.15 - 11.45 Papa Al DJ

11.45 - 12.30 Hot Diamond Aces (live)

12.30 - 2.00 Max Xam (Pangea) DJ

Cafe Bar
8.00 - 9.30 DJ Scrubba

9.30 - 11.00 Emperor Duncan Chopper Bling DJ

11.00 - 12.30 Chris Welch (Sounds Like This)

12.30 - 2.00 Globologist

Mamawe daytime Workshops in Afro-Latino Dance...

Expect masks, music and mayhem: day and night ,sangria, Latin American nibbles and masks, lots of masks!

Big thanks everyone for helping out on Friday at our second fundraiser:  
Photos by Tim Dennell
Photo by Tim Dennell
Photo by Tim Dennell
Photo by Tim Dennell
Photo by Tim Dennell
Photo by Tim Dennell

Please support our fundraising campaign below:


Celebrating culture and diversity. Organised by volunteers since 1996.

We need you!

Sheffield, United Kingdom


The Cause
The Sharrow Festival Committee organise the free annual Sharrow Community Festival in the Sharrow ward of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

The Sharrow Festival has been organised by local volunteers since 1996. We receive no statutory funding and we always welcome support and donations. The Sharrow Festival comprises of the Festival Day in the Park ~ a full day of activity in Mount Pleasant Park held on the first Saturday in July ~ and the Festival Fringe ~ a host of community activities in Sharrow in the weeks either side of the Day in the Park.

The Festival is a flagship event in Sharrow which celebrates the culture and diversity of the area, providing opportunities for thousands of local people to experience a wonderful day in Mount Pleasant Park, find out about local groups and businesses, listen to some great music, eat a worldwide variety of food, visit the local Sure Start area, have a go at the Football Unites Racism Divides Streetkick activities, watch some talented locals perform on the Community Stage - or perform themselves, follow the Festival on Sheffield Live 93.2 FM, go to the Hip Hop zone to watch live graffiti art....the list goes on.!

Your Help

The Sharrow Festival volunteers work hard months in advance, organising all manner of fundraising events, involving music, dance, crafts, food - you name it!

We raise the entire cost of the Festival ourselves every year, and this is our first IndieGogo campaign.We have set the IndieGogo target for this campaign at £8000 - however any contribution - at all - is greatly appreciated and shall go towards much needed costs for covering the costs of the fundraising events leading up to the festival, and for building the Festival and the Fringe. Basically we need a bit of your help to keep the party going for our community - but of course its so much more than just a party...please watch the attached video link, and check out the web links below:

Web Site:

Facebook page:

Youtube Appearances:

The Impact
Check out the pictures and videos, to see for yourselves how your contribution will help bring together families, artists, musicians, film makers, cooks, poets and storytellers...anyone who has a creative idea is invited to bring it to the table...or just come along and make some friends. Sometimes in today's society, its important to remember that we have a community where we can be creative and make friends, and this goes not just for the day itself but for the fundraising events leading up to it which happen nearly all year round!

Other Ways You Can Help Its not all about the money. If you can't donate money, contributions of all kinds are of the greatest value - we are always looking for new committee members, volunteers for fundraisers, stalls and for the festival itself, performers for the community stage, and new ideas for fundraising events!If you don't live in the area, any shouting about us or sharing of the campaign or of our web pages is greatly appreciated.

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This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal.
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Forthcoming Fundraisers

The second fundraiser for Sharrow Festival 2015 will be:

Sharrow Xmas Party at the Cremorne
on Friday 12th December 2014: 7.30 p.m.-1 a.m.: raised £346

Truly Apparent + Cashew Nut Salvage Unit + DJs Papa Al, Legaliz, Emperor Duncan the Bling, Tropical Lenin, Scrubba 

Its gonna be big and its gonna be fun.

Our Xmas Party to raise funds for next year's Sharrow Festival featuring:

Truly Apparent ( Sheffield's outstanding reggae band)
Cashew Nut Salvage Unit(unique live performance)

Papa Al (JuJu Club)
Emperor Duncan the Bling
DJ Scrubba (Na Zdrove)
Tropical Lenin

More to come. Bring whistles, garlands, silly hats, inflatable puddings, the works. £3 suggested donation on the door its all for a great cause. Come and party with us.


Good news folk folks - we raised £1230 on Friday!

Massive thanks
to everyone who came to our Folkin' Fantastic first fundraiser on Friday!

We had an amazing time and raised loads of money for Sharrow Festival.

More details and photo links to follow soon.

Special thanks to our dedicated volunteers, Hagglers Corner and all our wonderful performers.

Photos by Vee

Photos by Jim Lambert

Ceilidh video by Rosie Hazard

Sharrow Folk Festival, Friday 14th November 2014
at Hagglers Corner: 8p.m.-2a.m: Raised £1230!!

The Miser On The Faerie Gump + Wreck The Place + Sharrow Festival Ceilidh Band with caller Rosie Huzzard + Early Cartographers + 12 Dead In Everett (upstairs) &  

Syd Hux + Chrystine Moon + Andy Whitehouse + Break a Leg! + Vinna Bee + Charlie Barker + Paul Pearson (cafe)

Upstairs Stage:

1.05-1.45 a.m. The Miser On The Faerie Gump
Sheffields' premier purveyors of Folk-Metal!

12-12.40 a.m. Wreck The Place
Acoustic Punk with a Folk, Gypsyesque twist.

10.45-11.45 p.m. Sharrow Festival Ceilidh Band with caller Rosie Huzzard
Ceilidh band custom built for Sharrow Festival fundraiser!
One hour of high energy ceilidh mayhem, with some of Sheffield's best dance musicians, suitable for absolute beginners, our band and caller will have you stripping the willow and doe-si-doeing the night away in no time!

9.50-10.30 p.m. Early Cartographers
Acoustic, bouncy, alternative, occasionally sinister but normally upbeat collective.

9-9.30 p.m. 12 Dead In Everett
Playing syndicate-folk, anarcho-Americana and old time rebel songs - music to fan the flames of discontent and tell the Boss to go to hell. Guitar, banjo, accordion, and sweet harmonies of reason in a world deaf to exploitation. All members or fellow travelers of the IWW Union ('The Wobblies').

Cafe Stage:

12.45-1.15 a.m. Syd Hux
Performs solo on-stage, using a loop station, mini grand-piano and vocal effects to -build up a textured sound.

12-12.30 a.m. Chrystine Moon

Singer-songwriter, political musician, feminist comedian.

11.15-11.45 p.m. Andy Whitehouse
Solo set from The Silver Darlings' singer/guitarist. A varied collection playing the songs of downbeat romantics, helpless optimists, wandering forth glass in hand...

10.30-11 p.m. Break a Leg! (Chris Rust & Karen Hisom)
Playing a mixture of folk, jazz and blues songs, chosen for their
emotional and narrative qualities and the opportunity for voice,
clarinet and guitar to work together.

9.45-10.15 p.m. Vinna Bee
Alt contemporary folk: three piece band from Wales led by Sian Vinna Bevan helped out by various members of her musical collective.

9-9.30 p.m. Charlie Barker

It has been a busy few years for Charlie who made her TV debut on BBC1's 'The Next Big Thing', was a BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards semi finalist, released her first album Sleeping at the Station and album No. 2 Ghosts & Heroes on 7rd November 2011.

8.15-8.45 p.m. Paul Pearson
Affectionately known as the Steel Town Troubadour, Paul, from Sheffield, specializes in taking songs from excellent but obscure songwriters and turning them into PP Originals.