A vibrant and much loved Community Festival in a culturally diverse area of Sheffield

SHARROW FESTIVAL 2015: Rescheduled for Saturday 22nd August.

Papa Al (JuJu Club) returns with a great programme of music treats reflecting the great talent and diversity of the Sheffield music scene, together with a few guests from further afield.

13:00 Malarkey Affair
The roots sound of Sheffield pop


13:40 Kath Auto
Alternative electro acoustic version


14:20 The Balkan Bandits

Musical ambassadors from the Former Soviet Socialist Republik of South Yorkshire


15:00 The Unscene

Acoustic reggae, folk and soul from one of the best acts currently in Sheffield


15:40 Sushi

Live drum and bass with guitar thrills

16:20 Bongo Bert & The Soul Jar

Its funk, its soul and its rock and the songs are beautifully crafted


17:00 Hot Diamond Aces

Blistering brass based funk and Afrobeat


17:50 Steel City Rhythm

Politically conscious Reggae with heavy dub breaks, blazing brass lines, funk grooves and soaring vocals https://www.facebook.com/SteelCityRhythm

18:40 KOG & The Zongo Brigade

Fresh from their Glastonbury successes with West African Afroskank


19:30 Truly Apparent
Sheffield's premier reggae band, playing roots, rocksteady and lover's rock



Sharrow Festival 2015: Community Stage 12-6 p.m.

MC Nige + Isembard's Wheel + Bella Shimmy + Mulembas D'Africa + The Soul Organization + Nycha Dance + Treebeard + The Silver Darlings + The Miser On The Faerie Gump+ Aim To Dance

Programmed by Trevor Tomlin, Compered by MC Nige...

12-12.10 MC Nige presents...(part 1)
Talented local people presented by MC Nige throughout the afternoon.

12.30-1 Isembard's Wheel
Rowdy folk band.

1-1.20 Bella Shimmy
Belly dance.

1.40-2.10 The Miser On The Faerie Gump

Sheffield's fine purveyors of folk metal. 

2.10-2.30 Mulembas D'Africa
African fusion dance

2.50-3.20 The Soul Organization
Massive brass-driven soul dance band keeping the faith of Motown and Northern Soul alive.

3.20-3.40 Nycha Dance
Amazing young dancers.

3.40-3.50 MC Nige presents...(part 2)
Talented local people presented by MC Nige throughout the afternoon.

4.10-4.40 The Silver Darlings

The Silver Darlings are a varied collection of musicians playing the songs of singer/guitarist Andy Whitehouse. Downbeat rom...antics, helpless optimists, they wander forth glass in hand...  

4.40-5 Aim To Dance 

5-5.10 MC Nige presents...(part 3)
Talented local people presented by MC Nige throughout the afternoon.

5.30-6 Treebeard
Local folk legends.

All stage times are approximate and subject to change.